value_pair_data Union Reference

#include <client.h>

Data Fields

char strvalue [MAX_STRING_LEN]
uint8_t octets [253]
struct in_addr ipaddr
struct in6_addr ipv6addr
uint32_t date
uint32_t integer
uint64_t integer64
uint8_t ifid [8]
uint8_t ipv6prefix [18]

Detailed Description

Union holding all possible types of data for a VALUE_PAIR.

Field Documentation

uint32_t value_pair_data::date
uint8_t value_pair_data::ifid[8]
uint32_t value_pair_data::integer
uint64_t value_pair_data::integer64
struct in_addr value_pair_data::ipaddr
struct in6_addr value_pair_data::ipv6addr
uint8_t value_pair_data::ipv6prefix[18]
uint8_t value_pair_data::octets[253]
char value_pair_data::strvalue[MAX_STRING_LEN]

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