Optimizing SQL

We can optimize both the SQL database and its interaction with the RADIUS server

Most telecommunications companies and internet service providers (ISPs) use SQL databases to store the bulk of their user information. Whether the database is MySQL, Oracle, or PostgreSQL, we can help. We can optimize both the database and its interaction with the RADIUS server.

User credentials or authorization information (e.g., names and passwords) can be stored in simple tables. Accounting data can be stored for short-term connections or for long-term historical analysis.

With SQL, database optimization is critical. A default schema and a set of indices will work for a few tens of thousands of users, but will be inadequate for millions of users.

We can help you optimize not just one database, but the entire ecosystem. In larger systems, using multiple database machines is required. Each network and set of customer requirements is unique, meaning that an “off the shelf” product is usually inadequate.

We can create a customized solution that scales, is high performance, and requires minimal ongong maintenance.