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Tips, tricks and other information about FreeRADIUS and AAA.

Authentication systems and protocol compatibility

In many network configurations, there will be some transactions for which the RADIUS server will not perform the authentication itself, but simply pass credentials to a third party system and rely on the pass/fail response it gets from that system. Unfortunately, not all of these authentication systems work with all password storage formats. In these scenarios, it is important to realize that the incompatibiliy is between the authentication system and the password format, not the RADIUS system.

Why you should design for a worst case scenario

If you live in an earthquake zone, it’s important to engineer buildings to survive an earthquake. You don’t know when an earthquake will happen, or where exactly, or how big it’s going to be, but you know that it will happen at some point during the lifetime of the building. And the consequences of not earthquake proofing can be deadly.

The same goes for your critical network infrastructure. At some point, some part of your network will go down. The consequences are not usually deadly, but it can feel that way when it’s happening to you.