Why use a RADIUS server?

Authentication, Authorization, Accounting

The benefits of a RADIUS server on the efficiency of an entire network are wide-reaching. Although some businesses are unaware of the advantages of a RADIUS server as opposed to a pre-shared key, others have long benefited from the increased speed of RADIUS servers, as well as their ability to heighten security, to enhance reporting and tracking capabilities, and to personalize restrictions based on the user.

Here are just some of the key advantages of a RADIUS server:

  • Each individual user session is encrypted uniquely, which prevents other users from acquiring private information. This differs from a PSK network, in which each user shares the same encryption key.

  • A particular user or device can easily be deauthorized by deactivating the corresponding unique encryption key. This simple deactivation ensures that the deauthorized user cannot access the network with any other key and does not affect the security keys for other users.

  • Network permissions, such as firewall policy, scheduling, and QoS settings, can be assigned within a particular user profile, based on user identity.

  • A RADIUS server does not require significant server horsepower and can be installed in a way that best fits your needs without changing your current system.