Client Case Study: RADIUS SQL

A custom SQL schema and queries were optimized to meet the needs of RADIUS and of an “in-house” administration system

We were called in to help our client who had database performance issues with their custom schema and queries. We made updates to the database tables and indices and reconfigured the RADIUS server appropriately. The output meant a 300 times increase in the performance of the original system with no customer application updates required.

Project description

A customer had designed a new system with a custom schema and queries. The custom schema and queries were required for use by their in-house user administration application. When the customer tested the RADIUS side for scalability, the performance was only at one percent of the level that they required for production. We were called in to help.

How we solved it

Our approach

We determined that the table indices were not as efficient as they could be. We added a new column, an index on that column, and a stored procedure to automatically update the entry on SQL insert, update, and delete operations. We then updated the RADIUS configuration to use the new column as a key part of its queries.

The results

The performance improvement was dramatic. The resulting system had over three hundred (300) times the performance of the original system. Even better, the changes to the schema did not affect the customer’s administration system.

The result was a customized RADIUS system that let the customer keep their existing administration application. This solution was significantly lower cost than replacing or rewriting the administration application.