User Authentication Performance

Critical for successful remote working

The current Covid-19 crisis has created an unprecedented situation for businesses. More people are working remotely than ever before, in order to maintain corporate productivity in the face of this crisis. This remote access applies to Enterprises, Government agencies, Universities, and every other type of business.

The remote access infrastructure for each business is under enormous load, due to this massive increase in remote work. At the same time. remote access systems are now critical for maintaining employee productivity and business continuity.

Remote access connectivity is no longer just for contract workers and road warriors. It has become a mainstay to ensuring continued business operations in many cases. Reliable remote access VPN technology is essential as the key technology linking remote workers to the corporate intranet. It’s well known that VPNs depend on bandwidth to ensure speedy, useful connections for users. But VPNs also depend on a reliable user authentication infrastructure to ensure users gain access to the VPN protected resources quickly and reliably. Here are some areas your authentication infrastructure may be showing signs of stress:

  • Existing authentication services may be incorrectly sized for a larger remote workforce.

  • Performance issues may occur at certain times of the day such as morning and around lunch time as these are the high load times for remote user access. The performance issues may be the result of simple load, or because of more fundamental design issues with the remote access infrastructure.

  • Remote access logs may not be attended properly. This can result in a full disk or some other resource limit being reached unexpectedly, causing unexpected system outage or user issues.

At Network RADIUS, we are the experts in remote access user authentication services. We build and support RADIUS servers for global Enterprises, ISPs and Telcos. We analyze performance of RADIUS servers and perform optimizations to ensure maximum capability from your authentication servers.

There is a high likelihood that your Authentication services are being overloaded by the current remote work requirements. You may not even be aware of the issue until it is too late. System stability and user complaints about slow or failed logins will create even more frustration and lost productivity. User help desk are already overloaded with problems. Don’t let user login issues hold your team back.

Contact Network RADIUS and let us help you stay on track. Purchase a support contract now, and our team will review and optimize your setup. We will give you a health check report of your systems, make recommendations in order to ensure that your user authentication infrastructure can support the “new normal” of remote work.