RADIUS Server Proxying

Don't stop at just one server

We have extensive experience in the WiFi roaming arena, and we are actively involved in vendor forums. Proxying is a key part of most RADIUS infrastructures. We foster relationships with numerous companies that provide roaming and proxying RADIUS help.

Our product includes the following RADIUS server proxy capabilities:

  • Multiple realms, with
    • Realm determination on prefix
    • Realm determination on suffix
    • Realm determination on regular expressions
    • No limit on the number of home servers or realms
  • All internal data structures use hash marks or binary trees for scalability.
  • Home servers can be placed in different kinds of pools
  • Failover: Use the first one that is responsive
  • Load balancing: Divide the load evenly among the home servers
  • Keyed hash marks: Divide the load by hash, e.g., on username
  • Increased RADIUS server proxy stability over traditional methods, via:
    • Fine-grained control over when a home server is marked “dead”
    • Multiple methods for determining that a home server has become responsive
    • Requests can failover from one home server to another
  • Policies can be set for:
    • When a packet is first proxied
    • When a response is received
    • When a packet fails to obtain a response
    • When all home servers are unresponsive
  • Custom proxying RADIUS server determination and algorithms

Our product has been tested with 500,000 realms and home servers. These tests concluded that although memory usage was significantly higher with 500,000 realms than with a small number of realms, the corresponding maximum proxying performance decreased by only a few percent.

In Comparison

Our product is the most flexible, feature-rich, cost-effective, and stable RADIUS server proxy solution available. Other solutions come with a higher price and with less efficiency.

Please contact our sales team to learn more about how our FreeRADIUS solutions can solve your current proxy problems.