Configuration Item

A configuration item is an internal variable that has a name and holds a value.

variable = value

Assigns value to variable. The value can be any one of the data types defined in the previous section. The name of the variable is context-specific and is built into the server at compile time.

The default configuration files contain examples of the known variables along with the context in which they are valid. The meaning of each variable is defined in the comments that are located next to the variable definition.

The variable names are typically text, e.g., foo or foo_bar.

Each pre-defined variable also has a pre-defined data type.

In many cases, it is useful to define a value once and then use that value in many places. This re-use can be performed via a load-time reference.


prefix = "/usr/share/local"
max_request_time = 30
reject_delay = 1
my_thing = ${other-thing}