Deleted Modules

The following modules have been deleted and are no longer supported in Version 3. Individual configurations can likely be changed to not need these modules. Otherwise, email the freeradius-devel list and ask about the module.


This module has been replaced by the "acct_unique" policy. See raddb/policy.d/accounting.

The method for calculating the value of acct_unique has changed. However, as this method was configurable, this change should not matter. The only issue is in having a v2 and v3 server writing to the same database at the same time. They will calculate different values for Acct-Unique-Id.


rlm_linelog should be used instead. That module has a superset of the acctlog functionality.


The attr_rewrite module looked for an attribute and then re-wrote it or created a new attribute. All of that can be done in "unlang".

A sample configuration in "unlang" is:

if (request:Calling-Station-Id) {
    update request {
    Calling-Station-Id := "...."

It is suggested to update all uses of attr_rewrite to use unlang instead.


The checkval module compared two attributes. All of that can be done in "unlang":

if (&request:Calling-Station-Id = &control:Calling-Station-Id) {

It is suggested to update all uses of checkval to use unlang instead.


No one seems to use this module. There is no sample configuration for it. There is no speed advantage to using it over the "files" module. Modern systems are fast enough that 10K entries can be read from the "users" file in about 10ms. If more users are required, then switch to a real database such as SQL.


No one seems to use this module. It has been deprecated since Version 2.0.0. The "files" module was rewritten so that the "fastusers" module was no longer necessary.


No one seems to use this module. Almost all of its functionality is available via "unlang".


The rlm_sim_files module has been deleted. It was never marked "stable", and it was never used in a production environment. There are better ways to test EAP.

For similar functionality, see rlm_passwd, which can read CSV files and create attributes from them.


This module has been replaced with the "null" sql driver. See raddb/mods-available/sql for an example configuration.

The main SQL module has more functionality than rlm_sql_log and results in less code in the server.