Attribute References

Attributes in a list may be referenced via one of the following two syntaxes:


The <list>: prefix is optional. If given, it must be one of request, reply, proxy-request, proxy-reply, coa, disconnect, or control. If the <list>: prefix is omitted, then the request list is assumed.

For EAP methods with tunneled authentication sessions (i.e. PEAP and EAP-TTLS), the inner tunnel session can refer to a list for the outer session by prefixing the list name with outer. ; for example, outer.request.

When a reference is encountered, the given list is examined for an attribute of the given name. If found, the variable reference in the string is "d with the value of that attribute. Otherwise, the reference is "d with an empty string.


%{request:User-Name} # same as above
%{outer.request:User-Name} # from inside of a TTLS/PEAP tunnel

Examples of using references inside of a string:

"Hello %{User-Name}"
"You, %{User-Name} are not allowed to use %{NAS-IP-Address}"