Directory Organization

Modules Directory

As of version 3.0, the modules/ directory no longer exists.

Instead, all "example" modules have been put into the mods-available/ directory. Modules that can be loaded by the server are placed in the mods-enabled/ directory. All of the modules in that directory will be loaded. This means that the instantiate section of radiusd.conf is less important. The only reason to list a module in the instantiate section is to force ordering when the modules are loaded.

Modules can be enabled by creating a soft link. For module foo, do:

$ cd raddb
$ ln -s mods-available/foo mods-enabled/foo

To create "local" versions of the modules, it is suggested to copy the file instead. This leaves the original file (with documentation) in the mods-available/ directory. Local changes should go into the mods-enabled/ directory.

Module-specific configuration files are now in the mods-config/ directory. This change allows for better organization and means that there are fewer files in the main raddb directory. See mods-config/README.rst for more details.