The update Statement

update [  ] {
        [ attributes ]

The update statement adds attributes to or edits the attributes in the named <list>. The <list> should be one of request, reply, proxy-request, proxy-reply, coa, disconnect, or control. If <list> is omitted, then each attribute in the update section must be prefixed with a list name. For example, request:User-Name …​

For EAP methods with tunnelled authentication sessions (i.e., PEAP and EAP-TTLS), the inner tunnel session can refer to a list for the outer session by prefixing the list name with outer. For example, outer.request.

The update statement can only be used with the coa and disconnect lists when the server receives an Access-Request or Accounting-Request. Updating the coa or disconnect list will cause the server to send a CoA-Request or a Disconnect-Request packet to the NAS.

When the server receives a CoA-Request or a Disconnect-Request packet, the update sections should reference the request and reply lists, as the server has received a request and will be sending a reply.