New Modules


Instances of rlm_date register an xlat method, which can translate integer and date values to an arbitrarily formatted date time string or an arbitrarily formated time string to an integer, depending on the attribute type passed.


The rest module is used to translate RADIUS requests into REST-full HTTP requests. Currently supported body types are JSON and POST.


The unpack module is used to turn data buried inside of binary attributes; e.g., if Class = 0x00000001020304, then:

Tmp-Integer-0 := "%{unpack:&Class 4 short}"

will unpack octets 4 and 5 as a "short", which has value 0x0304. All integers are assumed to be in network byte order.


The yubikey module can be used to forward yubikey OTP token values to a Yubico validation server or to decrypt the token using a PSK.